When to not wear an engagement ring

Wedding one of the precious moments of life, when they are getting engaged with their loved ones usually there is a tradition of exchanging the rings between the couples. It is to make them feel that you are mine and yours.

You will be wearing your wear engagement ring all the time in the name of your partner. So you have to know how important it for you when you get to know about their importance then you will be protecting it always.

At some times you should take off an engagement ring from your fingers if you want to protect from the damaging. They are as follows;

Household cleaning

When anyone started to clean the house mostly they concentrate on the work that they are performing and while household cleaning you have to lift the things. During that moment there is a chance for your ring to be get damaged.

Other than things while cleaning the people make use of harsh chemicals to remove the stains and dirt that is present on the floor or any surface, these chemicals can have the capacity to react with the substance of ring and make some them sometimes decolorize or damage their quality.

This is the main reason why you should not wear an engagement or wear a wedding ring all the time.

While beauty regime

The beauty products usually contain a particular amount of chemicals in it, on prolonged exposure to the engagement ring cause the dulling effect. The creams, shampoos, paste, face products, gels, soaps, perfumes all of these countless beauty products are the slow-burners of ring damage.

It usually causes two kinds of damage, one it whenever you use those products the very little amount will accumulate on your ring it creates the greasy surface over of the ring and that attracts the dirt. Due to this reaction, they automatically get deterioration after periods.

engagement ring

On bed

The best suggestion is not to wear the ring on the bed this is because apart from the snagging threats from your clothes and hair there is another threat that when you lie on your bed it tends to lie on your hands the pressure of your body weight make them to misshapen and that could cause the stone to pop out.

Final words

If you want to take your engagement ring throughout your life you have to provide the special attention and take care of it while doing some of those things.