Difference between the wedding and marriage

Wedding when the people used to hear this word simply they think the wedding is nothing but the marriage. But the fact is not the wedding is not the marriage and marriage is not the wedding, both of these terms are different people interchangeably using these terms.

However, the term wedding refers to the short term relationship it lasts a day but the marriage is not the thing like wedding it the intended to last a lifetime. Simply saying the marriage is the long-term relationship between the two persons it may be a same or different gender.

This is the difference between marriage and wedding, it is important to know about the difference between those two terms.


When it comes to marriage vs wedding you should know their differences. The fact behind the term wedding is it is only the ceremonies that are held before or after marriage is finalized with someone, but it is not the legal thing.


Without proper registration, weddings are not considered as marriage. Most people in this generation just do the rituals that are included in the marriage but they don’t want to get documented.

The wedding involves so many components like the marriage but they are the extra things that the people connected with the rituals of marriage that includes the reception, bridal shower, wedding parties, honeymoon and much more. All of these things are just the funniest part of the wedding to make them feel special on their special day.


People used to say that marriage is a very important part of life. In this case, you have to know about the difference between these two terms. When the wedding is over you have to legal document is until that legally you are not getting married.

The marriage usually includes all the basic rituals that will happen in the marriage but these days to make them even more attractive and special people added some of the extra components to it.

Documenting a wedding is a very important thing that you have to do by this only legal recognition will be given to you as a married couple. By this, you can get so many rights and benefits.

Final thoughts

When you get married to someone it is very important to know about the basic difference between the two terms. This content might help you in clarifying all your doubts about the terms of wedding and marriage.